• Confidently go home: Patients who are discharged from the hospital and require follow up care at home. This ensures a smooth recovery and treatment, according to the clinician’s instruction.

  • Care at home: We have a large number of ambulatory senior citizens, who require care at home. They may not have the physical means to visit the hospital regularly. Our teams can visit their home to ensure their wellness at home.

  • 24×7 home care service: Bed ridden and terminally ill patients may be unable to commute to the hospital. They can be adequately cared for at home.

Benefits of Reach Out

  • Our services ensure the post discharge recovery is as smooth and trouble free as possible, in the comfort of your home.

  • Our services are cost effective & time saving. They also prevent unnecessary physical and mental trauma during visits to the hospital.

  • These visits are flexible and your family can have as little or as much help required. Services are tailor made and rendered as per the patient’s requirement.

  • Reach out medical services are unique, providing meaningful, personalized and skilled care. They build a strong and continuing bond between professionals and their patients.