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About Us

It is an  acknowledged  fact that the best  hospital stay and treatment  is followed by a great fall in the level of care immediately after discharge. The only time this is improved is in the next OPD visit, which itself is a major undertaking for most patients. It is to fill this gap and to render near-hospital level of care that this Service is designed .The services have been carefully constructed to provide care and comfort under the overall instructions of the treating Consultant.

These services include professional dressing, professional pain relief , professional physiotherapy, injections and Dietary counselling. There will be home care support by professional nursing, ranging from short visits to 24 hours.

Chronically-ill and bed ridden patients require regular monitoring at home.Reach Out services can be provided for such patients.

Senior citizens living alone have difficulty in commuting to the Hospital.Our staff look after their health issues as well as counsel them. This will enable them to live independently in comfort of their home.